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What is Green Coffee Bean and is it Effective?

Very simply put, Green Coffee Beans are Coffee Beans that are fresh and have not been roasted. Coffee Beans naturally contain a compound called Cholorogenic Acid, which is the active weight loss compound in Pure Green Coffee Beans. Roasting Coffee Beans destroys the Cholorgenic Acid.

Recent clinical studies and trials have shown that the specific combination of Cholorogenic Acid and caffeine are effective for weight loss. One particular study followed 16 people (with a body mass index between 25% and 30%) and between 22 to 46 years old. Study participants were monitored for 22 weeks and participants diets and exercise were strictly monitored throughout the study. The participants ate on average 2,400 calories a day and had a calorie expenditure of 400 calories, nowhere near the levels necessary for weight loss. After the study, participants were found to have lost an average of seventeen pounds, which broke down to a 10.5% decrease in overall body weight and a 16% decrease in body fat. Go to www.pubmed.com for more in-depth clinical study info.

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Can Green Coffee Beans help me lose weight?

In the past few years, and increasingly in recent months their has been extensive research done on the effects of green coffee beans. Ubiquitous results found from many major universities and medical institutions point to a similar result, Green Coffee Beans assist in weight loss.

Many professionals and well known individuals in the medical field such as Dr. Oz are calling green coffee beans the “magical bean” and hailing it as a miracle weight loss remedy. Personally I believe that a good diet and regular exercise are a great start to weight loss and essential to maintain a healthy body, and supplements are always a great addition to a great lifestyle.

With so much supporting evidence of Green Coffee Beans aiding weight loss and well known doctors with a good reputation promoting its use it can be hard to ignore. If your looking for a health supplement to help you lose weight green coffee beans might be exactly what you have been searching for.

The Green Coffee Bean Solution

So roasted coffee tastes better, but natural green coffee beans contain the nutritional benefits that are proven to help you lose weight. The question becomes “how can I gain the nutritional benefits found in green coffee beans and still enjoy my coffee?”.

Green Coffee Lean

Get Lean with Green Coffee Lean


The answer to that question is found in green coffee bean extract. Green Coffee Bean extract essentially squeezes all of the nutritional benefits of green coffee beans into an extract that you can take several times a day. Now you can continue to drink your great tasting coffee, and supplement your diet with the extracted nutritional benefits found in the bean.

There is an extensive amount of research in the medical field and universities around the world in the past few years suggesting that consumption of green coffee beans extract leads to weight loss.

If you want to lose weight you might want to consider giving green coffee beans extract a try.



Green Coffee is a potent, natural antioxidant that helps protect the body from free-radical stress and damage.



Blended with other powerful natural fat-burning ingredients.



Enhances healthy weight management without drug side effects.



Caffeine helps release fatty acids from stored in the body.


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